Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Hurt Locker – A Change of Heart

A couple of years back, I watched ‘The Hurt Locker’ while lounging on a sofa round a friend’s house . . . and it was crap. It was dull and the main character was a dick; I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole thing.

A couple of nights ago, I watched ‘The Hurt Locker’ again. This time sitting on my sofa, all alone . . . and it was great. It was genuinely exciting and the main character acted as a brilliant vehicle for the message of the film; I watched it from beginning to end.

So why the contradiction? Well, honestly, I’m not sure. But whatever it was that clicked the second time, it really made a difference. It is something that I have never experienced on this level before; I mean sure, I’ve liked films more on a second viewing, and vice versa (just recently, ‘The Departed’). But I have never gone from actively disliking a film to thinking it was something special.

But, in the end, all I can really say is: watch it, and decide for yourself.