Sunday, 12 May 2013

Unstoppable – A Captain Kirk Origin Story

In ‘The Incredibles’, Mr Incredible stops a speeding train from plummeting off its tracks by rugby tackling it.

If that was possible then ‘Unstoppable’ wouldn't be a movie . . . instead we’d have ‘Stoppable’, a 10 minute movie about a train stopping.

But, fortunately we have the former.

When a lazy railroad worker decides it would be a good idea to jump out of a train he’s driving and race it to the split in the tracks, we suddenly have a pretty thrilling game of chicken on our hands; train 777 vs everything in its path.

Understandably, that involves some pretty incredible action set-pieces, which are expertly handled by the late, great Tony Scott whose visual flare for action has always been up there with the best of them. With Unstoppable, he’s orchestrated a glorious fanfare of splintered wood, red-hot sparks and metallic screeching. Shredding your eyeballs and your ear-drums to equal measure.

And, although some of his crash zooms are a bit too much for the office-based scenes, they enhance the thrills and the colour-drenched screen becomes impossible to take yours eyes off.

But, the heart-pounding action is balanced by the heart-warming tale of two average joes (Denzel Washington and Chris Pine) becoming Mr Incredible for a couple of hours. We care about these guys and we want them to save the day. And that’s what stands out amongst all the explosions.