Sunday, 4 August 2013

Wolverine: Origin #1 Review

It still saddens me that comic book movies make ridiculous amounts of money, yet their inspiration is still seen as such a niche medium. There really is some great stuff out there in the oft-infantilized world of comic books, both superhero related and not. 

So I'm going to give you a review of the first issue of Wolverine: Origin, a well-loved version of the backstory to one of pop-cultures favourite, and most well known, heroes. Oh, and he's got a movie out at the moment . . .

This book reads more like a bite-size Dickens novel than a superhero origin story, but it’s a really interesting direction that Paul Jenkins, the writer, has taken. The Dickensian social commentary Jenkins manages to deftly instil in the story is all ably supported by Richard Isanove's gorgeous Americana artwork. He expertly creates a beautiful country feel and gives this opening issue a sense of place that any number of words would've struggled to do justice to. A delight to read. 

If this has persuaded any of you to read this excellent story, you can either find the complete trade on Amazon or, if you'd prefer a digital (and cheaper) version, you can use a great site called Comixology which is where I read it.