Friday, 1 November 2013

1408 – Clinically Insane

The first half of psychological horror, ‘1408’, is suitably disturbing. Its cheap pulpy thrills manage to successfully worm their way into your psyche, twisting and contorting to induce a satisfying sense of unease.

It’s just a shame the film doesn't end there. It just seems to run out of contortions, playing the same hand over and over again. Admittedly, these hands often remain disguised for a time, but it isn't long until they are exposed for what they are; pretty darn ridiculous. In their desperation, the writers throw everything they've got at the screen in hope that at least some of it sticks . . . but very little does.

That being said, against all odds, John Cusack still remains watchable. He does an admirable job of grounding the anarchy and ensuring the whole thing doesn't totally collapse in on itself. His performance remains confident, almost to the point that I considered whether he had any idea how ridiculous the whole thing is.